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Created: 1997-05-05 18:08:31
Name  R Donoghue Website 
Location  Pearson Park,
Date  Time  2016-08-02 18:44:10
Referred by  I came here looking for more useful Amiga software
Comments  Thankyou for WBtoFront :)
Many More's Reply  Thanks.
I still have a couple of Amigas but I haven't used them in a long time. :-(
I've moved to linux and xubuntu now.
(I still don't like Microsoft Windows.)
Name  Polly Website  tweet
Location  in the sky Date  Time  2010-10-15 00:30:03
Referred by  tweet
Comments  tweet, tweet!
Name  Les Website  WIPI
Location  Birmingham,
Date  Time  2010-10-14 23:08:34
Referred by  I don't remember!
Comments  Wow!
Name  Mark Website  The Choonz
Location  Newcastle Date  Time  2009-07-27 14:53:44
Referred by  search engine
Comments  Great site guys, some very good bands on here, so why not add another one to the collection.??

Peace and Sunshine
Name  Hedwisch Website 
Location  At home in front of the telly. Date  Time  2009-06-03 22:37:12
Referred by  from my brothers Zac and Cletus....
Comments  forgotten what I wanted to say......
Name  Cathy Website 
Location  England Date  Time  2008-03-22 12:41:09
Referred by  search engine
Comments  Hi uncle Lelly and Uncle Tony! I really like the save the day song but you should do so lonley!
Many More's Reply  You'll find 'So Lonely' on the downloads page and on MySpace - Many More
Name  Woven Wheat Whispers Website
Location  Internet and the World Date  Time  2007-08-12 10:51:55
Referred by  Tony Morris
Comments  Greetings from a fellow download site.
Name  Tom Lennard Website
Location  Whitby,
North Yorkshire
Date  Time  2007-08-12 10:45:27
Referred by  First In Last Out website
Comments  Greetings from the World of the Great North Yorkshire Iron Rush 1850-1900
Name  Tony Website
Location  North Yorkshire Date  Time  2007-08-12 10:35:16
Referred by  Personal recommendation
Comments  am more into stuff on
Name  Mick Website  Whitby North Yorkshire
Location  Falsgrave Date  Time  2007-07-01 23:39:25
Referred by  You told me about it ages ago.
Comments  I was going to listen to some of your music but I just realized this computer has'nt got any flippin speakers :-(
Many More's Reply  What about headphones?
Name  Gabriela Website 
Location  Birmingham,
Date  Time  2007-06-06 12:09:22
Referred by  Myspace
Comments  I like your music .The best of luck my dears :)
Name  suzie comfort Website 
Location  Rugby Warwickshire England Date  Time  2007-05-29 11:57:45
Referred by  myspace
Comments  loving the music and often profiling them for regular listening! good luck with the future xx
Name  georgina Website 
Location  Wolverhampton,
Date  Time  2007-05-08 01:32:37
Referred by  Les showed me
Comments  I like your music
Name  erin Website 
Location  W'TON Date  Time  2007-02-04 20:35:51
Referred by  Friend
Comments  LOVE U LELLY!!!!
Name  Sean Durkin Website 
Location  Middlesbrough Date  Time  2006-01-18 18:15:56
Referred by  Friend
Comments  Wot about the Funge Band? AKA Tony Hewitt, Sean Durkin, Andrew Crocker, Kit Haig
Name  ahdy Website 
Location  egypt Date  Time  2005-09-23 16:22:16
Referred by  E-Mail
Name  M Hewitt Website  Whitby North Yorkshire
Location  Whitby,
North Yorkshire
Date  Time  2005-02-10 00:47:40
Referred by  Search Engine
Comments  Excellent Site.
Name  Sigrun Website 
Location  Darmstadt Date  Time  2004-01-18 13:24:18
Referred by  Friend
Comments  Wie kann man Kontakt mit Dir aufnehmen wegen eines Termins?

Gruß Sigrun
Name  don richardson Website 
Location  Date  Time  2003-06-08 00:01:55
Referred by  Search Engine
Comments  How dare you look so young!!!
Spanko notes rule.
Name  Jo Website  jojo
Location  Jo's house Date  Time  2003-03-24 13:58:04
Referred by  Search Engine
Comments  cool
Name  Giles Schumm Website 
Location  Berlin Date  Time  2002-12-12 00:23:41
Referred by  Friend
Comments  Haven´t seen you (or some of those guestbook names) since the days of the Funge Band! There are beds for you in Berlin if need be. And when Cocktail International get a homepage together, you´ll be the first to know! Nice site!
Name  Rachel Laybourne Website 
Location  Devon,
Date  Time  2002-11-30 22:32:32
Referred by  Friend
Comments  Hi Les & Tony Its me -one of those Wroe cousins! NO! not the old girl who was always dancing, the younger one Rachel!! Excellent website- I can remember bombing around the streets of Middlesborough in Sids car listening to "Sound Arcade"!! Xx
Name  Linda (cousin) Website 
Location  Essex Date  Time  2002-11-26 16:15:57
Referred by  Friend
Comments  Brill. Loved the downloads, I'd like to claim some credit for encouraging you all those years ago. 'I'm a believer!' (for friend read Les)
Name  Dave ( mixerman ) Website 
Location  Billingham ,
Cleveland ,
Date  Time  2002-06-09 17:55:48
Referred by  Just Surfed In
Comments  super smashing ,at last i'm famous again ,now on your website. Thanks matey
Name  Team Golden Oldies Website  Festival Golden Oldies
Location  Date  Time  2002-05-21 20:52:51
Referred by  Search Engine
Comments  3 Tage – 9 Bühnen – 50 Bands – 1.000 Oldtimer!

13. Festival Golden Oldies – Deutschlands schönste Oldiefete
Vom 26. bis 28. Juli 2002 Wettenberg

Viel Informationen, Bilder, Texte, Presse-Downloads, Links!
Name  Michelle Ross Website
Location  Saltburn-by-the-sea Date  Time  2002-01-22 20:27:44
Referred by  Just Surfed In
Comments  To think I used to listen to you practising from the garage next door, now I'm listening to MP3's!
Ah me, how life has changed in ........
Whitby chips are great are'nt they?!
Name  Cosmic Website 
Location  Austria Date  Time  2002-01-20 20:48:13
Referred by  Friend
Comments  Great covers! Especially love the T.Rex songs!!

Name  nick small Website 
Location  halifax uk Date  Time  2001-03-04 10:00:20
Referred by  Friend
Comments  Well **** me sideways. Now that's what I call staying power. Nick
Name  Charlie Hardbake Website 
Location  The pond in East Park,
Date  Time  2001-02-17 20:54:36
Referred by  Friend
Comments  Just passing through!
Name  Evelyn Hewitt Website 
Location  Nauheim,
Date  Time  2000-09-05 22:36:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Comments  Hallo Jungs,
ich habe Euch am 30.April im Kleinen Rüsselsheimer Brauhaus bei "Tanz in den Mai" erlebt und muß Euch sagen: "Ihr seid einfach spitze".
Euer Fan
Name  Charlie Hardbake Website 
Location  England Date  Time  2000-08-19 23:03:00
Referred by  From a Friend
Comments  Once upon a time there was a little lad called Charlie Hardbake and one day he had a look at the 'Many More' website and thought it was great!
Name  Michael. A . Jockers. Website 
Location  Ballarat. Victoria. Australia. Date  Time  2000-08-17 09:49:00
Referred by  From a Friend
Comments  Les you have created an excellent website.
Name  James Bond Website  HOMEPAGE ????
Location  Date  Time  2000-08-09 08:47:00
Referred by  Clicked on a 'Guestbooks by GuestWorld' Button
Comments  my name is B... J.B. and I listen to your music in the russian ebassy in new york. good sound...
President Putin is very amused and like to invite you to a concert in Moscow ( Kreml).
One question: would you like to play in the Moscow TV Tower ??? you can be sure that you will
play hot music !!!
Name  The Donut King Website  The Other Realm
Location  The land of the rising donut. Date  Time  2000-07-09 14:22:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Comments  Hi Bud,

Got Tatjana listening to all your music constantly...I wish I had never told her about this website!!!

@#%$! you!!!!
Name  mixerman Website 
Location  the BORO Date  Time  2000-06-28 01:42:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Name  chris hewitt Website 
Location  whitby Date  Time  2000-04-22 15:23:00
Referred by  From a Friend
Comments  hi uncle les I enjoyed your visit in whitby and look forward to you moving to england
Name  Mandrake Website  The Other Realm
Location  UK Date  Time  2000-04-03 21:33:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Comments  The downloads are cool Les...and the site has improved.
Name  Simon Smiff Website 
Location  I'm from Hull I am Date  Time  2000-01-30 14:47:00
Referred by  From a Friend
Comments  I know you I do...
Get some new pics Les cos you don't look like that at work..
And I should know cos I'm from 'ull I am
Hope your weekend wasn't too stressful
And see you tomorrow at work (Maybe)
Name  Pirate B. Website  Dubios Neighbourhood
Location  Munich Date  Time  2000-01-12 10:26:05
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Comments  Visit our Site!
from Roots to Dub!

One Love
Name  Judith Robertson Website  Pictures of me and my family
Location  Scottsdale,
Date  Time  1999-12-02 17:04:00
Referred by  From a Friend
Comments  Bravo Tony, it was sure nice having you over and showing you all my "stuff". Judith
Name  Gabrielle Bodell Website 
Location  Salt Lake City,
Date  Time  1999-10-29 05:52:00
Referred by  From a Friend
Comments  : Hey Les,you are the best,I am impressed.It was nice to see you and talk to you in Germany.
Name  RMS Website  Rüsselsheimer Musikersite
Location  Rüsselsheim Date  Time  1999-10-28 14:51:00
Referred by  Clicked on our Banner Advertisement
Comments  Hi ManyMore,
Ihr seid doch auch fast aus Rüsselsheim ?
Schaut doch mal bei
vorbei und teilt uns mit wenn Ihr da auch "verlinkt"
werden wollt.

Gruss RMS-Team
Name  John Mansfield Website 
Location  Date  Time  1999-10-09 15:24:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Comments  nice one!
Name  Kevin Hewitt Website 
Location  Rüsselsheim,
Date  Time  1999-08-05 07:58:00
Referred by  From a Friend
Comments  Hi! It's me..…
Name  The Donut King Website  The Donut King
Location  The Magical Land of Banania Date  Time  1999-05-30 22:02:00
Referred by  Clicked on our Banner Advertisement
Comments  Niecely updated. I like it better now.
Name  Chris Wizzard Website  Wizzard´s Light Dimension
Location  Germany: Münster Date  Time  1999-05-11 07:04:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Comments  Look out for great Downloads, Space Music & Games Tips on
Name  Simon Smith Website 
Location  You Know already Les Date  Time  1999-03-10 17:00:00
Referred by  From a Friend
Comments  Hi Les just thought I'd check out your site!!!
See you at Work
Name  Mr Huette Website  Demi Moore
Location  uranus Date  Time  1998-12-20 13:40:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Comments  Pip, Pip, beep, bop - yak!
Name  Andrew Hewitt Website 
Location  England Date  Time  1998-12-04 22:30:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Comments  I have heard this band play and they are quite good! (and I am not just saying that because they are my uncles)
Name  Joan and Helen Website 
Location  England Date  Time  1998-11-21 00:22:00
Referred by  From a Friend
Comments  Hi Sean. Like the outfit and the drawings.
Name  Richard Bransen Website 
Location  The United Kingdom Date  Time  1998-11-13 19:41:00
Referred by  AOL
Comments  Very nice... I found it travelling across India in my balloon.
Name  Dave Bell Website
Location  Date  Time  1998-11-11 22:32:00
Referred by  From a Friend
Comments  You gave me your card, dummy! But your geustbook doesn´t have that category, so I guess we´re friends! Just thought I´d cruise by and say hi!... - Dave
Name  Cammie Website  Cammie's Home Page!
Location  Florida Date  Time  1998-10-09 10:18:00
Referred by  Viewing another Guestbook
Comments  Hello ;o) I was checkin mah guestbook a few days ago and saw you (Les Hewitt) had visited my poetry site. Anyone ever tell you that you look like Antonio Banderas??? hehe well if not they should cuz you DO!! Sorry just HADDA say that!! Anyway, thank you for visiting. Figured the least I could do is check out YOUR site eh? Anyway...I am totally impressed with it. It looks really good. Much better than any of my 4 sites. Keep up the good work and good luck!! Cammie ;o)
Name  Weronicha Svaleng Website  The House of Svaleng/Swalling
Location  Sweden Date  Time  1998-08-22 00:52:00
Referred by  Viewing another Guestbook
Comments  Nice site.
Regards, Weronicha Svaleng.
Name  Thomas Website  Langens cybercorner
Location  SWEDEN Date  Time  1998-07-31 22:58:00
Referred by  Clicked on a 'Guestbooks by GuestWorld' Button
Comments  : This I like...:-)
Name  Andrew Hewitt (again) Website 
Location  England Date  Time  1998-07-05 18:03:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Comments  I just thought. I any atractive women are on this page do give me a call! or leave me a message here! Im a nice guy, just single.
Name  april Website  April's World
Location  Louisiana Date  Time  1998-03-08 19:42:00
Referred by  From a Friend
Comments  love the web page come bye and check mine out.
Name  Nicole Bollingham Website  Nicole's Home Page
Location  Louisiana Date  Time  1998-03-08 15:23:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Comments  Hey:o) I like your page... You have some great things on here and I like how you set it up. Keep up the great work!

Name  Didjaehj Website 
Location  scandinavia Date  Time  1998-02-07 11:46:00
Referred by  Word of Mouth
Comments  me have been forced to visit SITE - hedwisch would have beaten
hell outa me if i did not visit web-site
Name  Hedwisch Website  Hedwisch Rule Britania
Location  Hedwischville Date  Time  1998-02-07 11:38:00
Referred by  Net Search
Comments  I want to rule the world ....
Please send $1000 to my account.
Name  Pamela Website  Pamela's Homepage
Location  Long Island Date  Time  1998-01-08 17:34:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In
Comments  Thanks for signing my guest book. You have a great page. Good photos. I see your in a band. Good luck with it.
Name  Missi Harrington Website 
Location  Scottsdale,
Date  Time  1998-01-05 17:40:00
Referred by  Word of Mouth
Comments  Tony Hewitt is really cool and cute too!!!!!
Name  Sean Website  Sean City
Location  Germany Date  Time  1997-12-27 22:06:00
Referred by  Just Surfed On In!
Comments  Hello!